The  Essences


The Essences of D’Light act as catalysts.

They help stimulate your ability to respond to different stimuli in a different way,

and therefore get different results.

By stimulating shifts in perception, attitudes and opening to a greater awareness,

in turn stimulates your ability to respond differently to the challenges you are facing in life.

The Essences also support you throughout the process.

They help to bring a conscious link between thoughts and perceptions by helping you to see a situation from a different level.

They create a link between perceptions and emotions - helping you to feel differently, with a new awareness;

and a link between emotions and actions – for when you see and feel differently, then you can then act differently;

which therefore supports your enhanced ability to make changes.

The Essences become vital in strengthening the link between your physical body and your soul consciousness, whether it is your relationship with self, your personal, social or career relationships or traumas - current or from earlier life

Often there is instantaneous and dramatic change. Other times this is a gradual process. Either way the Essences are able to help enhance your overall state of wellbeing, as you experience self-learning, self-growth, and come closer to the place of strength inside - your spiritual home. Find out more about the Essences

The Self-transformation programme includes the Book, Wisdom Cards and Essence set.

It is the foundation for working with the Essences range and is a recommended purchase.

The indepth information about each essence will aide in more fully understanding the essence concepts.
One FREE Essence of D’Light is included with each Book purchase.


You can also order all the Essences individually; the 3 different Remedy and Ehancing sets or as a complete 28 Essence set.

Also see our vouchers for gifting to a friend or loved one.

Lost a card? Not a problem, you can also order these individually.

The Essences are also available for purchase as Oils for massage and oil burners or as room sprays.

(Please contact us about ordering the room sprays)

Directions on Taking and Using your Essence