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​Donna Flavell is a multi-modality practitioner with decades of showing people just like you how to attain the life you know you deserve, bringing better balance, clarity, ease and purpose to your life.


Donna has been in the Health & Healing industry since 1987

She is a registered classical Homeopath, and is also qualified in Energy Healing, Massage, Reflexology, Landscape design and Horticulture. She spent 6 years in the Landscaping Industry with her main focus on bringing the land back into balance, both visually and energetically, working with Feng Shui and Eastern philosophies.

Donna is also a teacher of adult students and imparts her wealth of knowledge in a wide range of modalities. She starting working with Essences in the late 1980’s and has been creating Essences, both singularly and in combination since 1999.

Creating the Essences of D’Light programme, ranges and products has required drawing on a wide and differing skill set: the collection of ingredients using the particular rules, guidelines and conventions of Rongoā Māori and of the essences industry then combining these with creativity, intuition, guidance and above all, integrity, to create a single product that is far greater than its individual components.

Donna’s business experience is wide & varied. Within a small business capacity, Donna runs Flavell Homeopathic & Healing Centre, working both in 1-1 consultations and in groups, to the more left brained corporate business world, where she part owns a National Franchise Company as well as running a NZ wide Vehicle Leasing & Finance company .

Her current and recent work, in combination with previous experience as a London City & Guild Chef, having her own fashion label, creating advertisements for a newspaper and establishing a Landscaping company; have all provided the solid base of foundational skills necessary to effectively create, manage and grow Essences of D’light.

Donna’s family and business keep her busy; however, her passion is, and has always been, in helping others improve their lives through self-awareness and self-empowerment, and the Essences of D’Light programme with its Essences, books and wisdom cards is certainly successful in achieving this.


They will help you to:​

  • have the insights to see the right paths.

  • enjoy the relationships you deserve.

  • succeed in business and love the journey.

  • feel confident and empowered at your very core.

  • know the next step and be brave enough to take it.

  • feel that every day is made for you to live it to the full

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