D’Light Full Life Trinity – Book, Wisdom Cards & Essence set


Essences of D’Light Book

Complete set of Wisdom Cards

One free Essence *


Combining three power allies into a trinity of healing, it has formed an integral symbiotic system that reinforces natural remedies that each part brings and adds your empowerment and success. These three parts of the whole are: the path, the knowledge and the tools.

With the D’Light-full Life Trinity you will get the wisdom cards (the path), the Book (the knowledge) and one free Essence (the tools).

There is a wealth of information on each part of the D’Light-full Life Trinity in the About Section of the website.

With the D’Light-full Life Trinity you will get a free Essence, this is selected by you when you make the purchase, chosen at random by us or when you have your book and wisdom cards you can redeem an Essence at a later date based on your own choice.


* The 10 ml Essence is selected by you at purchase, selected at random by us or redeemed at a later date following the delivery of the book and cards.

168 page full colour hard cover book, including a set of 29 wisdom cards in a boxed tray within the front cover & one 10 ml free redeemable essence. Book size: 160 x 236 x 13mm.

Essences of D'Light Book