The Book

The Book is the foundation of the Essences of D’Light Self Transformation Programme.

The programme is designed for individual users with no prior experience, as well as for Practitioners to complement their own practice, providing additional support for clients in between their sessions.

There are three key components to this self-awareness, self-discovery and self-empowerment programme.

1.         The Wisdom Cards are the Path – Affirmations and words on the cards act like a light to lead you along a new pathway.

2.         The Book is the Knowledge - providing additional knowledge and insights to sustain and nourish your understanding within your process.

3.         The Essences are the tools - helping stuckness to fall away and allowing new ways of being to emerge. They assist with security and support to help feel safe along your journey to a more D’Light-full Life.

The D’Light-full Life programme combines all three.  

The wisdom cards (the path), the Book (the knowledge) and one free Essence (the tools).

Each Book has a set of affirmation cards nestled inside the front cover,

and a voucher code to redeem your one free Essence

- helping you take the first step along your journey to self-awareness, self-discovery and self-empowerment.