Chakra Essences

Chakras are the energy flow centres situated throughout your body.

Having your chakras in balance is an integral part of natural health and healing.

Each chakra energy centre aligns to surrounding major organs and glands within your body, and each individual

chakra is inter-connected to all the other chakras. So over-active or under-active chakra not only affects particular organs

but can also impact on all other chakras.  It is like having a badly balanced tyre – as it wobbles, you feel the shaking effect

in every corner of the car until you have it rebalanced.

Chakra essences help to re-align this energy through your whole body (and the individual chakras), assisting in creating a more clean and pure flow of emotions, physical and mental strength and spiritual energy. Having balanced chakras help you to enjoy a more natural healing process and a more fulfilling life, allowing you to become more grounded and centred, promoting more effective communication, inspiration and ease in giving & receiving heartfelt love.

The Chakra Essences of D’Light range covers 16 chakras.

  • 7 Primary (which are indicated by a ‘P next to the chakra number below)’

  • 9 Secondary ( which are indicated by an ‘S’ next to the chakra number below).


These can be purchased individually or in sets. The 7 Primary chakra centres are situated along the spinal column and are located between the base of the spine and the crown of the head. The Secondary or sub chakras are located alongside the 7 major chakra energy centres. The position and colour of all the chakras is shown on the back of every chakra card.

The individual chakra centres are highlighted on the front of the individual chakra cards.