About the Essences


How do the Essences Work?

The Essences of D’Light act as catalysts.

They help stimulate your ability to respond to different stimuli in a different way, and therefore get different results.

The Essences unlock an energetic doorway that opens an internal path, accessing your greater knowledge and wisdom creating a connection to your personal power.

By stimulating shifts in perception, attitudes and opening to a greater awareness, this in turn stimulates your ability to respond differently to the challenges you are facing in life.

The Essences also support you throughout the process.

They help to bring a conscious link between thoughts and perceptions by helping you to see a situation from a different level.

They create a link between perceptions and emotions- helping you to feel differently with a new awareness; and a link between emotions and actions – for when you see and feel differently, then you can then act differently; which therefore supports your enhanced ability to make changes.

The Essences become vital in strengthening the link between your physical body and your soul consciousness, whether it is your relationship with self, your personal, social or career relationships or traumas - current or from earlier life

Often there is instantaneous and dramatic change. Other times this is a gradual process. Either way the Essences are able to help enhance your overall state of wellbeing, as you experience self-learning, self-growth, and come closer to the place of strength inside - your spiritual home.

Every Essence has an affirmation supporting it.

This is very powerful and works on many levels, including mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic and soul levels. Saying the affirmation by itself is capable of promoting huge change. However, saying the affirmation at the same time as taking the essence can bring about an ever deeper shift, change & awareness.

When you say the affirmation every time you take your Essence, you initiate and promote a clear intention of achieving your predetermined goal in the present and as a self-confessed commitment for the future.

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How are the different from other Essences?

We've done the hard work for you and left you with an easy, simple self help system.

The Essences of D’Light & Chakra Essences are already combinations of the most applicable essences available for the situation you are going through, and have a very special quality to them.

They are combinations of different essences from the same family ie flowers, as well as combinations of Essences from the many different families, kingdoms & realms which gives you the beneficial aspects, qualities and attributes from the many differing energies.: 

  • flower

  • tree

  • crystal

  • colour

  • music

  • angelic

  • solar

  • sea

  • homeopathy

These then amalgamate to create a new combined energy and a new combined essence which is capable of assisting a situation from many differing planes.

They are therefore very different in the way they act and in the frequencies & levels that they act upon from most other Essences on the market today.

All Essences have a minimum of 3 elements that are native to New Zealand, connecting and grounding you to these unique lands and oceans as well as numerous elements introduced to New Zealand and sourced from around the world.

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How are they made?

The Essences are prepared as I am guided, as well as following specific Māori Tikanga. (Customs and Rites)

Tikanga is about the correct procedure and incorporates principles, customs, values and spirituality.

Integral to this is the holistic approach to Mäori health encompassing the elements of wairua (spiritual), hinengaro (psychological), tinana (physical) and whanau (extended family). The connection to wairua is intrinsic to Mäori traditional beliefs and to the foundation supporting the essences.

Wherever possible, all substances used for the Essences of D’Light have been honoured, collected and prepared in accordance to and observing the appropriate Tikanga ā Rongoā Māori (Traditional Māori Healing)

The gestation of the Essences has taken place under either the light of the sun, the light of the new moon or the light of the full moon. The process has been either immersed in or suspended over pure water.

The majority of the earlier Essences were made as individual Essences and the individual components were put together to create a combined Essence and further charged under the energy of the sun and/or moon.

Some of the later Essences were called to be created as one, with the energy of all the components coming together and being combined and infused as one essence.

The bottles of Essence have 50% Brandy (= 20% alcohol). The alcohol acts to stop the energy of the essence dissipating and preserves the bio-electric energy of the plant/flower/crystal etc for at least 10 years.

Water – just a liquid or much more?

Many researchers are convinced that water is capable of “memory” by storing information and retrieving it. The possible applications are innumerable: limitless retention and storage capacity and the key to discovering the origins of life on our planet. Research into water is just beginning.

Water – not just for drinking!

This short video shows a step in how flower essences and crystal essences etc are made, leaving their imprint and energy in the water for us to utilise:

Combination Essence.jpg

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Taking & using your essence - Directions



  • One dose = 2-3 drops of the Essence.

  • Take a minimum of 3 doses per day for 14 days.

  • Read your card affirmation after every time you take your essence

  • Any time you feel a thought, emotion or negative energy you can take another dose of your Essence. You cannot overdose.


Firstly make sure your mouth is clean and free from food and strong smelling substances.

Place the Essence either directly under the tongue or into a glass of water then sip from the glass.

Hold the Essence under your tongue for a few moments before swallowing, as the Essence is absorbed through the mucous membranes within the mouth.

It takes 21 times to break a habit & another 21 to anchor down a new way of being. Therefore by repeating this process 3 x every day for 7 days it will help to break the old cycle, and by repeating this process 3 x every day for a further 7 days will help to anchor in a new way, of thinking, of feeling, of acting and of being.

For example; ‘Remembrance’ may be taken every time that a past memory or trauma comes into your mind or you feel the negative energy in your body, assisting in releasing the emotional charge that comes with it.

“Enhancing current or new situations”


As the name suggests, the ‘Enhancer’ Essences enhance and enlighten energetically, ‘adding to’ and allowing you to feel more and to be more energised, empowered, inspired, insightful, joyful, etc.


‘Of the Earth’ may be taken or used as a room spray between clients or meetings, in shops or your home to dispel others negativity, enhancing yourself and the room; bringing the energy back into balance.

‘Something for Mummy, or ‘Something for Daddy, may be taken by both partners, periodically while you are trying to get pregnant, throughout the pregnancy, birth and during new-born stage – or as needed throughout life thereafter.


  • Take a dose of your essence as many times a day if you feel the need – a little like taking ®Rescue Remedy.

  • As a general guidance with the Enhancer Essences, it is best to take these before, during and/or after the event or situation.


​ Essences can be used specifically for an occasion, you can also use them in the same manner as above to anchor the expectation and the way of ‘adding to’ and of ‘being more’, as a new and normal state of mind and state of being.


‘Guidance in Healing’ may be taken as a daily focus and intention before and/or after working with your clients, keeping you grounded and energised.

‘Unicorn Star Connection’ a wonderful essence to use for brainstorming, or when wanting to come up with new ideas or with new ways of thinking. It may be taken before commencing any project or study to bring together all your differing knowledge for a unified output.

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Essences of D’Light Oils and Sprays

The Essences of D’Light are also available as an oil for use with oil diffusers and burners or  massage oil. It is also available as a liquid room spray.

Using with Oil Diffuses and Oil Burners

Using the oil based Essence of D’Light with a defuser or burner is a great way to use the essence within a group situation, during meditation, as well as adding an additional personal support during the day.

Many of the Enhancer essences are particularly suited to being used in this way for working in group situations. For example; ‘Unicorn Star Connection’ is a wonderful essence to use for brainstorming, or when wanting to come up with new ideas or with new ways of thinking. ‘Power of 3’ help the dynamics of a group connect in a supportive harmonious way, gaining the greatest potential, and greater outcome for the group. ‘Celebrations and Blessings’ helps to hold the intention and raise the energy of the occasion, allowing the honouring, celebration joy and blessings to be enjoyed at a higher level. ‘Of the Earth’ is very useful in grounding or dispersing any negative draining feelings or energy therefore it is very useful to have in any shop situations, healing centres, offices or consultation rooms etc; especially when you have people through that may be unwell, out of sorts, angry or upset and they leave behind a negative energy or leave you feeling drained. ‘Holding the Love’ can be used in the same way, to hold the integrity of the group and act from the highest place of unconditional love.

Used within any group situation, it is recommended that you inform others that you are using the Essences.

Room Sprays

The spray bottle is another great solution when wanting to utilise the Essences of D’Light within a group situation and in rooms or more open spaces or to spray over the top of yourself and through your own auric field.


The oil based Essences of D’Light is wonderful to use when doing meditations, particularly if you are doing meditation focused on an issue that is surrounding or affecting your situation. It can help to release any fear and anxiety, allowing you to relax and anchor yourself in the process or journey and to gain the fullness of the meditation. The essence ‘Of the Earth’ works very well when doing any sorts of meditations it is an effective grounding essence, helping to keep you anchored as you still your mind and access your conscious and subconscious self. There is a powerful grounding meditation included within the the ‘Of the Earth’ information within the Essences of D’Light book. ‘Above and Beyond’ is very valuable to use in journey work, helping you to be more fully aware, to comprehend the learning and understand the fullness of the experience.


You can use the oil based Essences of D’Light on yourself as well as on other people. For when there is a particular part of your body where you feel a tightness, an uneasy feeling or an an energy charge when faced with or thinking about a situation, thought or person – some people feel this in the region of their heart or stomach, where others may feel a pressure in their neck or temples. Using the oil to gently massage into these areas while saying your affirmation , can help to ease and release the feeling or sensation.

The Essence ‘Something for Mummy’ or ‘Something for Daddy’ is a wonderful general purpose nurturing oil to enhance the feel good aspect of a relaxing massage.

The ‘Chakra Essences of D’Light’ are particularly effective for using on the individual chakra areas if there are any complaints within the Chakra area, or any sluggishness or blockages within the Chakra energy or the Chakra needs to be brought back into balance.

You can also take your own Essence of D’Light Oil with you to be used when you are being given a Massage.

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