Recalibrating and Refining – Essence of D’Lite


Tag Line: ‘Resonating to the New Energy Vibration’

Affirmation: ‘I am open to changes, My beliefs, morals and values are in alignment. I am a warrior of the new world energy.’


In order to resonate with the new energy vibration of this year and beyond, it is vital that you recalibrate and refine your own energies and the internal grids within yourself, to be in harmony with the new earth and universal vibrations and frequencies and the associated shifts in reference points and sacred geometry . . . and have fun.


This Essence can help you help break free of outdated reference points in your own life, recalibrating and refining your energy to a new set of reference points, beliefs and structures and to bring the many different facets into perfect order.

28. Recalibrating and Refining