Training Courses

The ‘Essence of Essences’


A Course with Donna Flavell

in the ‘‘Mahuru’’ Native Healing Garden, Mangawhai, Northland.

Do you want to develop a deeper understanding of Essences?

  • how to incorporate these into your everyday life? and

  • how to create simple essences for your own use?

A four day workshop covering an introduction into:

  • What are Essences?

  • What are the qualities of Essences?

  • What are the realms of Essences?

  • When to use Essences?

  • How to use Essences?

  • How to select what to use in an Essence?

  • What is involved in making an Essence?

  • How to create a simple Essence for yourself?


During this course, you will learn how to embrace the very energy or essence of nature:

  • the essence of Rongoā,

  • the kaupapa (protocol & rules of it) involved in essence making

  • the kawa (what we do) and

  • the tikanga (how we do it), as well as

  • the mahi (actually doing it) – the basics of creating and distilling an essence, and

  • the māramatanga (understanding it) the insight & enlightenment - the where, what, when, why & how.



Donna wants to help you understand the different realms of nature and how to receive their mauri (the vital energy & life force) & the awesome properties within:

  • Trees  -  to stay grounded while reaching for the stars

  • Flowers  -  to remain playful and light, & see beauty

  • Ocean  -  to have fluid strength and consistency

  • Colour  -  to connect to your feelings and emotions

  • Crystals  -  to create structure, clarity & transformation


Each week you will gain a deeper understanding of the energetic fields within nature and within you, as well as how to use essences to help clear, restore & enhance.

During the course, you will gather and create four (1 x each week), of your very own individually crafted essences from the differing realms.

We will cover the basics of how to understand the nature of them, their enhancing properties, & directions for using them.

Any queries, Please contact Cushla Leonard 021 0840 6567 Donna Flavell at info@essencesofdlight.co.nz