Training Courses

The ‘Essence of Essences’


A Course with Donna Flavell

in the ‘‘Mahuru’’ Native Healing Garden, Mangawhai, Northland.

Do you want to develop a deeper understanding of Essences?

  • how to incorporate these into your everyday life? and

  • how to create simple essences for your own use?

A four day workshop covering an introduction into:

  • What are Essences?

  • What are the qualities of Essences?

  • What are the realms of Essences?

  • When to use Essences?

  • How to use Essences?

  • How to select what to use in an Essence?

  • What is involved in making an Essence?

  • How to create a simple Essence for yourself?


During this course, you will learn how to embrace the very energy or essence of nature:

  • the essence of Rongoā,

  • the kaupapa (protocol & rules of it) involved in essence making

  • the kawa (what we do) and

  • the tikanga (how we do it), as well as

  • the mahi (actually doing it) – the basics of creating and distilling an essence, and

  • the māramatanga (understanding it) the insight & enlightenment - the where, what, when, why & how.



Donna wants to help you understand the different realms of nature and how to receive their mauri (the vital energy & life force) & the awesome properties within:

  • Trees  -  to stay grounded while reaching for the stars

  • Flowers  -  to remain playful and light, & see beauty

  • Ocean  -  to have fluid strength and consistency

  • Colour  -  to connect to your feelings and emotions

  • Crystals  -  to create structure, clarity & transformation


Each week you will gain a deeper understanding of the energetic fields within nature and within you, as well as how to use essences to help clear, restore & enhance.

During the course, you will gather and create four (1 x each week), of your very own individually crafted essences from the differing realms.

We will cover the basics of how to understand the nature of them, their enhancing properties, & directions for using them.

Any queries, Please contact Cushla Leonard 021 0840 6567 Donna Flavell at info@essencesofdlight.co.nz

Course Details

About Donna

Donna has a wealth of knowledge and is looking forward to sharing her wisdom with you.

She has created an incredible native healing garden looking out toward the ocean, called ‘Mahuru’ (a place to be soothed, to rest, to be calm, to be appeased).

There are pathways within ‘Mahuru’ that weave their way through the garden, where you can just “be”. To “sense, feel, hear, smell, taste and see” what nature has to offer us, and to weave that magic and take it into your every-day life.

This place has an incredible peace and beauty and I can guarantee you will leave each time feeling grounded, recharged and full of knowledge.

Donna has her clinic space set within this beautiful environment.

She is a multi-modality practitioner. She trained as a classical Homeopath and has been in the Health and Healing industry since the early 1980’s. She is also qualified in Energy Healing, Massage, Reflexology, Landscape Design and Horticulture. She spent 6 years in the Landscaping Industry with her main focus on bringing the land back into balance, both visually and energetically, and incorporating Rongoā, Feng Shui and Eastern philosophies into her work. She started working with Essence energies in the late 1980’s and has been creating Essences, both singularly and in combination since 1999.

She is a published author, writing the ‘Essences of D’Light’ Book & created the accompanying Self- Awareness & Empowerment programme, ranges of combination Essences & Affirmation Wisdom Cards which sell online, world-wide.

Donna draws on her wide and differing skill set in all that she does. Within this programme, she has incorporated her years of training, her wealth of experience and integrated it with creativity, intuition, guidance and above all, integrity, to create something that is far greater than if using individual components. She has recognised in her Essences that there’s an interconnected relationship between all things. The land, the sea, rivers, plants, animals & people – we all have a mauri, a wairua - a life force, a spirit.

Drawing on her Maori heritage and Ancestral Wisdom, her Essences have been gathered according to Rongoā Māori -Traditional Māori healing, and the traditional tikanga & kawa - customs & protocols.

Maori Healer, Tohunga and Kuia, ‘Taherama Tamatea’ has honoured and acknowledged Donna for “bridging the use of ancient Rongoā Māori, and modern day knowledge, to present it in a way that is current, pertinent and understandable in today’s world.”

About the Course

Over a period of four weeks you will learn four of the basic realms of essences: plant, mineral, ocean and colour.

Each week you will learn how to prepare your own essence, just for yourself, and how to distill this essence for future use.

You will learn the balance of the mauri of the resources, that this must be protected every time you forage, whether it be from the garden, the ocean, the forest or the earth. These resources need to be protected for all, both now and for our future generations.

You will learn the protocol involved to honour this process.

Donna will teach you to understand the interconnection between all things, the land, the sea, the rivers, the plants, the minerals, the animals, the environment - how all these elements/realms contain a mauri (life force) and a wairua (spirit) and how to incorporate this in to an essence per week that is especially connected to you.

Course One: Plant Essences - ‘Mahuru’ Native Healing Garden

Course Two: Mineral Essences - ‘Mahuru’ Native Healing Garden

Course Three: Ocean Essences - includes an afternoon at the beautiful Te Arai Beach

Course Four: Colour Essences - ‘Mahuru’ Native Healing Garden

Each course day is a week apart in order for your essence and yourself to have the time to connect, evolve and be.

What does each class involve?

  • Karanga (week 1)
  • Karakia
  • Choose your own ‘Essence of D’Light’ essence from Donna’s Rongoā Essence range that will be your “support” remedy for the day and you are encouraged weekly to take this essence home to continue using during the week.
  • Discussion and learning on Essences, the where, what, when, why, how. The tikanga (protocol) of foraging and collecting.
  • Journaling
  • A guided meditation
  • A garden/beach journey/meditation where you sit with nature and choose your own material for your own essence
  • Creating your essence
  • Each week you will take your essence home with you and there will be some further tasks to be done at home as part of the continuation of the process of creating your own essence
  • Learning to distill your essence.
  • Closing discussion and what to do during the week.

Course Dates & Times

Week One - Sunday 1 November 2020 8:45am - 5:00pm

Week Two - Sunday 8 November 2020 9:00am - 5:00pm

Week Three - Sunday 15 November 2020 9:00am - 5:00pm

Week Four - Sunday 22 November 2020 9:00am - 5:00pm


The course fee is $450 to cover all four modules, to be paid in full prior to the course.

Bookings are essential as numbers are limited.

Once registration and payment are received, you will be sent a confirmation email and further course details.


Upon completion all Participants will receive a certificate. (Including hours of participation for Professional Development/Ongoing Education requirements).

“Creating holistic, natural solutions to soothe your body, mind and emotions”


94 Raymond Bull Road, Mangawhai