Training Courses

The ‘Essence of Essences’


A Course with Donna Flavell

in the ‘‘Mahuru’’ Native Healing Garden, Mangawhai, Northland.

Do you want to develop a deeper understanding of Essences?

  • how to incorporate these into your everyday life? and

  • how to create simple essences for your own use?

A four day workshop covering an introduction into:

  • What are Essences?

  • What are the qualities of Essences?

  • What are the realms of Essences?

  • When to use Essences?

  • How to use Essences?

  • How to select what to use in an Essence?

  • What is involved in making an Essence?

  • How to create a simple Essence for yourself?


During this course, you will learn how to embrace the very energy or essence of nature:

  • the essence of Rongoā,

  • the kaupapa (protocol & rules of it) involved in essence making

  • the kawa (what we do) and

  • the tikanga (how we do it), as well as

  • the mahi (actually doing it) – the basics of creating and distilling an essence, and

  • the māramatanga (understanding it) the insight & enlightenment - the where, what, when, why & how.



Donna wants to help you understand the different realms of nature and how to receive their mauri (the vital energy & life force) & the awesome properties within:

  • Trees  -  to stay grounded while reaching for the stars

  • Flowers  -  to remain playful and light, & see beauty

  • Ocean  -  to have fluid strength and consistency

  • Colour  -  to connect to your feelings and emotions

  • Crystals  -  to create structure, clarity & transformation


Each week you will gain a deeper understanding of the energetic fields within nature and within you, as well as how to use essences to help clear, restore & enhance.

During the course, you will gather and create four (1 x each week), of your very own individually crafted essences from the differing realms.

We will cover the basics of how to understand the nature of them, their enhancing properties, & directions for using them.

Any queries, Please contact Cushla Leonard 021 0840 6567 Donna Flavell at info@essencesofdlight.co.nz

Course Details

MBC Academic Services

Who are MBC?

A freelance Company based in the Netherlands and the official International Business and Academic Developer of partner Schools:

  1. CAST Alimenti
  2. INTRECCI Academy
  3. GASMA and
  4. HTMi.

Role of MBC for the enrollment to these Schools?

We are the prime Counsellor of the International students as we facilitate by assessing your Needs and Goals. By mentoring we'll Help You to decide, directing you towards the Professional vocational learning process at our International academic partner institutions in Italy or in Spain or/and in Switzerland to match global standards of hospitality excellence.

What should be my eligibility to join these professional programs in Europe?

Every professional journey requires planning and preparation, so as to bring the candidate in par with the European Life Style + School requirements and create opportunity:

  1. Must have a Hospitality qualification or have 2 + years experience in the hotel or restaurant;
  2. Based on which course you choose in which country, you must hold minimum B2 level certification in Italian or Spanish or French language (as this will allow you to have better understanding of the programme plus integration in the European Society for various opportunities);
  3. Must have good communication skills in English language;
  4. Must be at least 18 years of age;
  5. Must be highly motivated to start a career in the Hospitality industry;
  6. Eager to learn another foreign language and embrace a new life style for further career advancement.

How much in advance I should start my enrollment?

Earlier the Better. Considering the time required for selection process plus developing the language skill plus financial aspects for the payment of the fees plus visa requirements plus travel planning etc, we will suggest minimum 4 – 6 months in advance you should start thinking so you can be part of this life time experience.

How much is the fees and payment process?

The School fees varies based on the programme you choose, secondly half of the fees is paid in advance before applying for the student visa and the balance to be settled before your arrival.

What is included in my School fees?

The tuition fee includes only the didactic material, uniform, educational trips and master classes during in-house period.

What about my accommodation?

Once enrolled and before arrival, the School will ensure that you have arranged your stay in the Campus or very nearby in a shared apartment which you have to pay directly on monthly basis.

What other expenses I have to consider before and after arrival?

  • Students have to purchase appropriate medical, accident and repatriation insurance before leaving their home country;

  • Flight one way ticket;

  • Train journey from the airport to the city of the School;

  • Police registration and stamp;

  • Medical checkup (Covid 19 test);

  • Public transportation student pass;

  • Daily grocery or clothing or personal expenses.

Where should I apply for my student visa?

In many countries, the documents/application for the student visa is submitted directly to the concerned Embassy or Consulate, whereas in India it’s through an external agency like VFS.

Can I stay back after my School programme in Europe?

These professional programmes are not attached to any job or immigration to Europe; it’s purely Academic with the strict duration of the programme and the stay as regulated by the host country.

However, during your internship through your own skilled capabilities, if you receive a job offer with a contract, the student visa can be converted to a working visa. That’s why we always advise our student to develop the quality of multipotentiality with exceptional talents through the academic opportunity in Europe.

  • Ensure to utilize your valuable time to learn from the Masters and elevate the quality of knowledge.

  • Enhance your language skills, and

  • Adapt well to the new Life Style for a great career.