Kyoko Gayford – Balance and Connection Between Mind  and Body

"I have been attracted to the Essences of D’Light since I first met Donna.

I am a Reflexology therapist and have found that the Essences of D’Light have incorporated well into my Reflexology and Aura-Soma practise.

I find that using the Essences, Cards and Affirmations  with my clients is wonderful. They love being able to choose a Card and take away their Essence to help empower them between sessions.

I find they help my clients to keep a balance between body and mind, as well as having more awareness and focus after the Reflexology treatment. It is also a great back up support for them after the Reflexology.

My clients love them, and so do I. I enjoy working with the essences myself, as they allow me to have more connection with each client.

Thank you Donna for making such beautiful Essences!!"

Janine Mawson – Daily Support Therapy alongside your Homeopathic Remedy

"Although I have only started using the D’Light range of essences in my clinic recently, the feedback I am receiving from my patients is already overwhelmingly positive. It’s great to be able to give my patients a daily support therapy that they can take alongside their homeopathic remedy and they love having the beautiful cards to read and keep.

Julie Cunningham – Inspiration and Empowerment
“When I first met Donna, I was awed by her passion as she taught her homeopathic classes. Inspiring to me was her wealth of knowledge and how she so honestly taught people from her heart.
Growing to know Donna as a friend, I have also learned of her great will to empower people so that they may grow and empower those around them.
I feel this book and the Essences she so cleverly created are a great example of how she can reach and enable as many people as possible to grow and shift to be on their right path and have empowered lives.
I have worked with energies for many years, but Donna enabled me to shift to a whole new level, with a greater perspective of possibility. I feel this is a very timely release of these much-valued Essences and this very informative and inspiring book.
I trust you will be as inspired as I have been.”

Web: Julie Cunningham Waiora Wellness Practitioner

Evie Glover – Chakra Essences

Grounding my Roots -Root chakra essence
"I found this essence incredibly powerful at a time when I really needed some answers. At the time, I was having cranial sacral work done as well and I believe that incorporating this essence with the work I was having done, really helped me to process and make sense of the feelings and energy that was being released at the time. For me alot of what was released came out through my dreams at night, or whenever I went into a space where my conscious mind wasn’t interfering (such as in a cranial session). I felt that as soon as I started using the essence my body and mind felt safe and secure enough to let these things go with openness and honesty.

…the work you do is FAB!!!! Keep it rolling gorgeous woman! xx"

Alicia Melrose – Treating Emotional Imbalances

"I have used many essences in my practice over the years and have been pleasantly surprised to see how effective these new remedies have been in treating emotional imbalances, The blend of flowers, sea and homeopathy offers a unique way of treating that enables them to touch many different areas within the one remedy."