Essences Of D'Light

Flower, Tree, Crystal, Colour, Sea, Solar & Homeopathic Vibrational Essences.

Essences & Affirmations for Self Awareness, Self Discovery & Self Empowerment

Esences of D'Light help stimulate your ability to respond to different stimuli

in a different way, and therefore get different results.

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Situational Essences of D'Light

The Essences unlock an energetic doorway, opening an internal path to accesses your greater knowledge and wisdom, and creates a connection to your personal power.


They stimulate shifts in perception and attitudes, and open you to a greater awareness. This in turn stimulates your ability to respond differently to how you see and react to the challenges you are facing in life.

Start your realignment today.

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Chakra Essences of D'Light

Chakras are the energy flow centres situated

throughout your body. 

Each chakra energy centre aligns to surrounding major organs and glands within your body, and each individual chakra is inter-connected to all the other chakras.

Therefore, having your chakras out of balance disrupts your bodies natural ability to stay healthy and heal itself.

Choose an Essence here to open, energise and

balance your Chakra centres.

Gift Vouchers

The Essences can support, help and inspire your friends,  family or loved ones when you can’t be there.

Gift empowerment and love in a bottle at any time of year.


A wonderful way to say "I Care"

Gift yours today.

About Essences Of D'Light

- How does your life feel?

- Do you feel empowered?

- Is your life filled with love, joy, health and creativity?

- Is everything in balance like you have it ALL together?

Essences of D'Light is the alternative treatment and natural remedy to a D’Light-full life, where healing can happen and

health, energy and balance returns.

So whether your challenge is within your personal life, your community or business world or involves a child, friend, colleague or loved one, the Essences can help.

Start your transformation today


100% Natural

Liquid Drops

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