Training Courses



Do you want to empower yourself, your family, and/or loved ones using the Essences of D’Light?

Do you want to enhance your practise and add value to your clients session?


Support and maintain your clients between appointments by incorporating the Essences of D’Light 28 ‘Situational Essences’ and the Chakra range into your practise.


The Essences of D’Light Trinity programme is easy to learn and use as an educational self-help and self-awareness tool.


It allows people to tap into their own wisdom surrounding their issue, to read and understand more about the concepts involved and then to work with a positive affirmation and with a unique essence to help encourage a new commitment to oneself.


The Wisdom Cards allow you to choose from the 28 Concepts and Essences contained within the ‘Essences of D’Light’ range. Each Wisdom Card includes a unique affirmation.

Clients are working on their Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Levels, and are making a commitment to change. Therefore, the results are maximised to a far greater degree when used in combination with this Trinity programme.